Video slots have become quite popular with both first time and seasonal gamblers. Their features are an improvement on the traditional slot machines giving them a modern touch. With new exciting games emerging on the daily, people are spoilt for choice and cannot help but be glued to their phones, tablets, computers and the segment of the casino with video slot machines.

Video slot machines unlike reel slot machines have no moving parts. While reel slot machines are limited to 3 – 5 pay lines, video slots have up to 243 pay lines. The games entice players with the use of stunning graphics. In most cases animations and cartoons are used. However, software providers and game developers are going the extra mile by incorporating pop culture in to the games. Pictures of actors, reality stars, musicians, high ranked TV shows and comics make appearances on many slots.

A good example is Iron Man by Play Tech. Animations or songs from popular musicians are used to mark winning spins.

There are several versions of video slots. First are classic slots which have little bonus chances, 3 reel slots and very simple graphics. Second are the modern five reel slots which have many bonuses, quality graphics and varied symbols. Third are the vintage fruit slots which use fruit symbols. Fourth is the video poker where in order to win, symbols ought to correspond to a winning poker hand.

Video slots have a wide array of bonus symbols. They are also endowed with interactive mini games to make them more interesting. Sometimes gift boxes pop up on the screen for the player to pick from and win a prize. It is a lot of fun. Examples of video slots include Alien robots, Big Bang, Boom Brother, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Lost Island, Relic Raider, Space Wars, Dragon Island, Pandora’s Box and Dead or Alive.