Pokie slot machines, also known as one armed bandits are one of the most prominent tools casinos use to keep gamblers on the edge of their seats. Gamblers trickle in to casinos to get their hands on pokie slot machines. The higher the bet placed, the more the profit the casino makes and also the higher the payout the player receives should he win. Some machines like slant top or low level slot machines facilitate for players to sit down while others like upright slot machines require the player to stand while playing.


Features Of A Pokie Slot Machine

They work based on a pretty simple principle. The pokie slot machine has a lever on the side or a button on the front panel, or both. It also has reels with marked symbols, could be three, five or more. A button is pushed or a lever pulled, the reels start spinning and eventually stop at a certain symbol which determines what has been won. Prizes could be credits, free spins or bonus prizes. Slots ate present to facilitate the input and output of currency or credits. There are several play buttons on the front panel of the machine which perform various functions. Once the currency is inserted and validated by the currency detector, the player pushes the ‘spin reels’ button. The reels have brightly colored symbols which could be fruits, shapes or letters.

When the reels stop spinning, the symbol behind the pay line determines the prize won. Either an extra spin, a bonus prize or cash. In the case where cash is won, a payout is made from the coin hopper. The coin hopper contains coins available immediately for payouts. The pokie slot machine also has a drop box which collects excess coins from the coin hopper should it be filled to capacity. In instances where the coin hopper has less cash than the amount won, a hand pay is made. The machine has a candle, which is a light on the top part, that signals the operator in case there is a malfunction or a player needs service.