Hot Vegas Slots is an android app that gives its players a surreal and authentic experience of being in a casino in the sin city, Las Vegas. Over thirty of the best Vegas slot games are featured and are free of charge. Yes, one can download, install and use the app at no charge whatsoever. The app was published by Super Lucky Casino.

The irritating thing with most downloaded apps is the many adverts that pop up whenever one is using the application. Good news! Hot Vegas Slots has no adverts in between. Rest assured you will enjoy all your favorite casino games with zero interruptions. The graphics used in this android app are a site to behold. The developers have spiced it by giving players a bonus wheel that is spun daily so as to win free credits. Free spins and jackpots are also quite popular. Other perks of downloading this particular app and not any other, is the fact that one can play both online and offline. It does not require WiFi or the internet. Does it get any better than an app that is free, does not need data bundles, has no adverts and has a variety of games in just that one app?

An important point to note is the fact that the app does not use real cash or credits when gambling. Similarly, the prizes won or the credits paid out are not real. The app is updated every month, adding about two games, just to make sure it stays relevant. The fact that there have been approximately 5 million downloads from google play store speaks a lot on the efficiency and the popularity of Hot Vegas Slots.

The application is available on four platforms. Google Play Store, Facebook, App Store and Amazon AppStore. To access the games:

  • First download the Apk file from any of the above platforms.
  • Proceed with the installation process using the browser or whatever you deem fit.
  • Open the app and enjoy the many games available including Solitaire, Bingo Heaven, Baccarat, Video Poker, Slot games, Big 2 and Blackjack.