Pokie machines, also known as slot machines, fruit machines or puggies offer thrilling experiences to gamblers from all over the world. Most rookies prefer slot machines to table games since they do not require as much expertise and subject them to zero inferiority complex. Matter of fact, 70% of income collected in casinos are from pokie machines. Whether video or reel, online or land based, people are head over heels. Below is all you need to know about pokies.

Components Of A Pokie Machine

The machine is made of intricate parts that work together to give you several skipped heartbeats and a run for your money, literally!

  • Reels – Makes the symbols spin.
  • Symbols – Easily recognisable, brightly colored images found on the reels. Most machines use fruits, bells, bar, diamonds, hearts and sevens. Other popular symbols are the wild, bonus, scatter and multiplier symbols.
  • Pay line – Horizontal line on the front of the pokie’s glass window that determines if a player has won.
  • Slots handle – Lever that enables reels to spin.
  • Slots – Used for inserting and retrieving credits or coins.
  • Payout Display – Shows the winning combination, its pay and the possible jackpot.
  • Coin tray – Best part of the machine as it is where the coins won come out.
  • Buttons – Several buttons are present on slot machines namely: spin reels, play max /1/2/3 credits, cash out and change.
  • RNG – Generates a random number that determines the outcome of a spin.

How They Work

Cash or tickets are inserted into a slot. A button, lever or a prompt on a touchscreen is used to activate the machine. Reels spin. Should winning symbols allign behind the pay line, the player wins. The stop can be on bonus symbols which guarantee free spins or certain rewards. The machine gives out cash or value. Some give out coins while others give out a ticket redeemable at the casino’s cashier.

Pokies employ different technology and payline numbers. Denominations used range from pennies to dollars depending on the machine. The higher the bet placed, the higher the payout. Let the inner gambler out and make some money!